Ex-Mormon For Jesus
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Ex-Mormon For Jesus


I Resigned/Retired With Honors (RWH) From Mormonism, Now Christian.

'Our Bodies, Our Sports': Athletes Rally To Keep Women's Sports For Females - YouTube

Female athletes gathered at Freedom Plaza in D.C. on the 50th anniversary of Title IX to discuss the ways in which women are losing out, because biological m...

What I am posting I don't necessarily support this point of view. They are leaving a lot of factual evidence out to fit their official story on this, basically this is a cover-up! They are not being transparent by not giving the whole factual story. I am a skeptical about this committee that is not based on authentic foundation of honesty & truth & above all they're not transparent either

LIVE: Jan. 6 committee hearings | Day 6, June 28 - YouTube

The House panel investigating the Capitol insurrection will hear testimony Tuesday from Cassidy Hutchinson, a top aide in Donald Trump’s White House who is a...

This is Officially clown world! The Circus of Politicians/Politics! Democrats going insane & throwing temper tantrums because they didn't get what they wanted! Immature & childish! It's a disgrace & shameful on how the Democrats are acting! It's embarrassing!

She's Lost Touch With Reality... - YouTube

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$2400 Update | Biden's New Gas Problem and Opportunity Explained - YouTube

Stephen Gardner Update. Rep. DeFazio and Bernie Sanders say Seniors need help now. Get a 60-day free trial at https://www.shipstation.com/stephengardner. Tha...