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Deane McC


Retired Headstart Teacher (Toddler Tamer), former NASP instructor,Mom, Yaya, and Wife Conservative Christian Believer,crafter and glamper

Gun Control Is Here! Everything You Need to Know - YouTube

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The Simpsons’ Apu Actor Is Apologizing to Indians- Why this Indian Doesn't Appreciate His Groveling - YouTube

Hank Nazria, the actor who played Apu in the Simpsons, wants to apologize to "every Indian." Here's why this Indian does not appreciate his unseemly grovelin...

You laugh you WIN | THAT DIDN'T AGE WELL #64 - YouTube

Another week, more things that didn't age well. You laugh you win. #ThatDidntAgeWell #Biden #MLBMeme/Video Submissions on Reddit:

How much of the $90000000 that BLM collected been used to help rebuild Black business they burned to the ground?

The Inside Scoop of How the BLM Shakedown Racket Works - YouTube

The #BLM shakedown racket was invented by Jesse Jackson and then developed by Al Sharpton. Here I explain how it works.—Dinesh D'Souza is an author and filmm...

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10,000 Students Learn About FREE SPEECH - YouTube

More videos & resources at http://BrooksGibbs.comAward winning youth speaker, Brooks Gibbs, teaches 10,000 students about FREE SPEECH for the first time. SUP...

Here's Why Joe Biden's Constitutional Argument for Gun Restrictions is Bogus - YouTube

Here I respond to Biden’s claim that his gun restrictions are permitted because “no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”—Dinesh D'Souza is an author a...

Justice Clarence Thomas Is Laying Out a Legal Pathway to Fight Big Tech Censorship - YouTube

Justice Clarence Thomas explains why digital platforms have become quasi-monopolies controlling the public forum, and he lays out the legal pathway to forcin...

Make America California - YouTube

California is the Biden Administration’s role model for America.What are they thinking? The state loses 170,000 people every year.---- Don't miss the weekly ...

Good Morning! 5.5 earthquake and blowing snow! Yep it's springtime in Alaska

Tocqueville Shows That Radicalism Is Not Produced By Impoverishment, But By Plenty - YouTube

Tocqueville's other book on the French Revolution has the startling insight that radicalism and revolution are produced not by impoverishment but by plenty. ...


Try not to laugh. #TikTok #LaughYouLose #TryNotToLaughMeme/Video Submissions on Reddit: Second Channel, Zed...

Why The Georgia Voter ID Law Is HORRIFIC - YouTube

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The Dishonesty of Facebook's Fact-Checking - YouTube

Facebook's recent strikes to my page, for posts involving Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reveal the dishonesty of the platform's system of fact-...

Well, yeah this a America.

Any firearms in the vehicle today? - YouTube

Me and TheManSpot made a little video magic :)ManSpot:'d be honored if you considered supporti...