Robert Franz
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Robert Franz


Retired Air Commando, Christian, Patriot, Musician, Animal and Nature Lover. Living in the Great RED State of Florida and aging gracefully.

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I figure, what they want in our bodies not everyone's getting because of those of us who refuse the jab, so they'll put it in the water, food & air, to INFECT all of us one way or another with their poison.

In response Robert Franz to his Publication

They have admitted its not a vaccine
because it hasnt got the virus

Its a expermental jab

LIKE A BOSS! DeSantis To Buy Antibodies DIRECT From Manufacturer Bypassing Biden’s Tyranny

Kellyanne Conway got this letter telling her to resign or be fired! this is her response to that sorry piece of shit in the White House!

Biden Administration Deploys Elite Squad Of TikTok Influencers To Stop Taliban