Marian Kamp
29 seconds ago

Elon Musk's Brain Chip is about to start human trials

Elon Musk is one step closer to developing brain chips that work by connecting human brains to computers

Mr. Musk and his Neuralink partners founded the company in 2016 to develop brain chips that connect humans to computers.

He has claimed that the implants will enable paralyzed people to control devices such as smartphones with their brains.

The chips were tested in the brains of a macaque and a pig.

The newly placed ads for his company state that new hires "will work closely with some of the most innovative physicians and top engineers, as well as Neuralink's first clinical trial participants."

Study to define the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity and efficacy of RNA vaccine candidates against COVID-19 in healthy individuals

Doctor who discovered omikron: I was ordered from above to label this variant as serious

A citizen with a QR code is as free as a prisoner with an ankle bracelet.

Convicted terrorist Soumaya Sahla, who was involved with the former Hofstad Group, is now ADVISOR SECURITY AND JUSTICE to the NETHERLANDS MINISTER PRESIDENT MARK RUTTE!

She was arrested at the time with Hofstad member Nouredine el-F. at Amsterdam Lelylaan station, while they were on their way to The Hague to carry out an attack, according to the intelligence service AIVD. The two were in possession of an automatic weapon and a revolver. Sahla served a three-year prison sentence, studied social sciences and became a member of the VVD, where she has since been regarded as an anti-radicalization expert.