TinHat Granny
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TinHat Granny


Being RIGHT since 2009 and called a conspiracy theorist for a decade is why the name Tin Hat Granny. I hope you're awake by now sleeper's

Rise Up and Get Loud on July 30th - YouTube

An estimated 24.9 million people, including children, are trafficked around the world. We need to #RISEUP and take a bold stand against human trafficking and...

🔔 The Liberty Bell, previously called the State House Bell, was completed in 1752 and in the 19th century it became a herald of liberty. "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof," the bell's inscription, provided a rallying cry for abolitionists wishing to end slavery, and has become a symbol for both protest and celebration for movements from Women's Suffrage to Civil Rights.

BOOM.... Ha I Love this woman. She would make her momma proud! https://rumble.com/v1a88eq-bretsucks.html

STOP sending in ILLEGAL taxes and they won't have the funds for their evil agenda's. WAKEUP SHEEPLE.....

Heads up Michiganders. We got us a Rhino problem. Upton is one of Satan's serpents. https://thepatriotchronicles.com/news-for-you/gop-rep-stabs-voters-in-the-back-and-lies-about-gun-control/.