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Christian Republican refusing to be indoctrinated with Atheistic lies and critical race theory. Anti vaccine and 5G. Stop Holocaust 2.0!

Should I keep posting here?

Yes, we love your posts!

No, you and Twellit suck

Kim Iversen Debunks FAKE Russia-Ukraine War Videos Spread Widely On Social Media - YouTube

Kim Iversen breaks down what's true and what's false about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts ...

I rejoined Gab for one day, and got banned within two hours. That didn't take long 🤣

Bombshell Documents Debunk Dr. Fauci’s Narrative on COVID’s Origin

Hey, Twellit, it's been awhile! The main reason I haven't posted here much is because @admin said they were going to ban the "trolls" from the site, which is ridiculous, since everyone should have the right to freedom of speech. That said, if you guys change your minds and don't create a massive purge, then I will post more often.

Hello, Twellit! I figured Twellit could use more gamers like me to share our gaming content on the site, so here I am. Looking forward to meeting new people who hopefully are into video games.

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Here is my new FruitLab exclusive announcing my arrival on FruitLab. If you like what you see, feel free to follow my FruitLab channel, and check out my other videos!

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Thursday 06/Jan/2022
Some people on Telegram claim I was never on minds now

Just uploaded screencap of the email I got auto generated
after getting banned off minds unfairly
Never got a reply back in the end -

Minds is not Freedom of Speech ,
fairness and lacks an appeal process

My video about getting kicked off minds
- bitchute -
- JoshwhoTV -

#Minds #Gab #Censorship #FreeSpeech #Banned
#namedthejew #reject -Statism #controlled -Opposition

What a shame. Another person who couldn't handle true free speech. See a trend, here?

If you are going to be a free speech site, you can't just ban people for "trolling." They have to either break the law, or directly violate your TOS. Trolling can be a wide spectrum of things.

Democrat Governor Says COVID Emergency is 'Over' and He Won't Implement More Mask Mandates

Dr. Scott Atlas – Fauci Undermined Trump, Misled Americans On COVID; ‘I Was Stunned at What I Saw,’ (VIDEO)

Hey, @admin , Darius the Unvaxxed Doctor has been trying to log in, and can't. He said all he did was expose some things about Ghislaine Maxwell and such.

What? LA School Turns Away ‘Unvaccinated’ Officers, Who Were Responding To School Threat.

RUMBLE EXCLUSIVE: Rumble sues Odysee for lying about their company, and I don't blame them. This is also my first video on Rumble

Domestic Terrorists! ANTIFA Militants Arrested, Charged For Physically Attacking Trump Supporters.

The fact that they are STILL teaching kids about global warming, and adults stick believe it is outrageous! This only proves even more that it's a complete scam.

Fauci: We Haven’t Proven that Vaccines, Boosters Protect Against Omicron Variant