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Christian Republican refusing to be indoctrinated with Atheistic lies and critical race theory. Anti vaccine and 5G. Stop Holocaust 2.0!

I rejoined Gab for one day, and got banned within two hours. That didn't take long 🤣

What a shame. Another person who couldn't handle true free speech. See a trend, here?

I'm in danger of being banned from a Telegram chat for calling out their censorship of another person. There goes one free speech site 😒

Me watching hockey right now trying to remember all the players' names before they die off from the vaccine (80% of them have already received it)

God, I love Israel, but WTH do I have to have three doses of the COVID vaccine to go there? Jesus wouldn't condemn us for being unvaccinated. In fact, he'd probably praise us for trusting our God given immune systems over the Big Pharma cabal.

Royal Caribbean is going to have a ship full of infection and illness, due to their vaccine mandate. Their island, CocoCay, is gonna have tons of people coming off the slides with headaches and nausea (more than you can already get).

I don't like Torba, but he is right. The only reason to censor someone is for inciting violence, making threats, or nude posting. Other than that, free speech is given.

This is what that oh so green energy looks like! Oh, but don't even bother letting smoke disappear in the air!

I remember first hearing about this in class, and thought "Wow, who could do such a thing?" Well, now we know. Of course, back then, I thought it was just Al Queda

This is an actual video from inside the Biden White House.

What depraved insanity is going on in there?

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