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Christian Republican refusing to be indoctrinated with Atheistic lies and critical race theory. Anti vaccine and 5G. Stop Holocaust 2.0!

Some major upsets today. #23 Utah shocked #3 Oregon 38-7. #4 Ohio State abliterates #7 Michigan State 56-7. Sure, the Buckeyes were higher ranked, but the Spartans weren't far behind. The what people normally consider to be not so great Missouri Tigers defeated the last year top 10 team Florida Gators in OT 24-23. Unfortunately, my Longhorns were defeated in the meantime.


Vaccine Compensation Bill Passes in Idaho:

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I'm in danger of being banned from a Telegram chat for calling out their censorship of another person. There goes one free speech site 😒

People, stop putting up your Christmas stuff! Today's only Veterans Day, and you're already decorating for Christ's birthday. Slow down! You're bringing my favorite holiday back too fast! (This isn't meant to offend or pressure anyone who has already decorated for Christmas, I'm just pointing out that it's way too early.)

Healthcare worker describes 'nightmare' staff shortages due to un-jabbed firings in Canadian province - LifeSite

Bill Gates admits COVID shots ‘only slightly reduce’ transmission, calls for 'new' approach to vaccines - LifeSite

It’s About To Hit The Fan! 12-Year-Olds Dying After COVID Shots (Video)

Simpsons Did It Again- Death Vaccines For Kids

Me watching hockey right now trying to remember all the players' names before they die off from the vaccine (80% of them have already received it)

Ep. 1644 A Disturbing Development In The Vax Mandate Scandal

Gabbers are already invading GETTR, Parler, and Telegram, trying to mess with the people there, and make the platforms look bad. Lucky for Twellit, it's not that big, so this won't likely happen for a long time, here. But if or when it does, just block the trolls. No point in arguing with them if they can't have a civil conversation with anyone who disagrees with them.

Project Veritas James O’Keefe speaks out after FBI Raids: ‘This is an attack on the First Amendment’
Download Ashley Biden’s Diary link Below!

Situation Update, Nov 7, 2021 - Vaccines now ALTERING personalities and activating the REPTILIAN brain stem

Cincinnati, Oklahoma, and Ohio State all got let off the hook, after their competitors rightfully played them. Ut's comical just how they get backed up by the referees. It's like it doesn't even matter if the other team plays hard; the one in the top 10 will most likely win, unless the other team is up by multiple scores.

For any gamers out there, is it true that Chapter 2 is ending after this season? If so, I hope they just bring back the old map TBH. I miss Tilted Towers, Dusty Divot, Happy Hamlet, Loot Lake, Lazy Links, you name it! The fact that it's been almost three years since that all existed is crazy, and only makes me miss it even more. @BearItGaming @charliebrownau @TTOR

Utah, Other States Creating Digital Driver Licenses That Contain “Vaccine Records,” More

Illegal immigrant who posed as minor while crossing border charged with murder in Florida

Durham Puts Heat on Hillary? CRT Abuse Exposed, MORE FBI Spying?

Durham Puts Heat on Hillary? CRT Abuse Exposed, MORE FBI Spying? - YouTube

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Over 80% Of Iowa Deer Sampled In Study Found To Have COVID-19