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Gen Z Republican who wants the same thing as the rest of you: freedom of speech. That being said, boycotters, cultists, and supremacists 🚫

Soviet immigrant says critical race theory uses 'the same concepts and language' as Marxism

BIDEN WANTS THIS VIDEO REMOVED! He would like for people to stop watching this. LETS PISS HIM OFF - YouTube

#Biden #JoeBiden NOT My #potus Phony #PresidentBiden

Now that Sky News has been banned from YouTube, who's next? I fear Russia Insight may be. The case against Russia is huge, and conservative Russians are the agenda's biggest enemies.

Situation Update, July 30th, 2021 - CDC, FDA faked covid test protocol using common cold virus

Canada is looking more and more like Cuba everyday, including their leader

Italian Doctor Warns 18 Months After Taking -Vaccine- People Will Start Dropping Like Flies

Currently watching Eric Thompson's new show where he discusses Joe Biden's incompetence and the CDC's hypocrisy. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to Eric's channel, and check out his other videos.

#ericthompson #forlibertyssake #Biden #CDC #exposed

How come at the airport, they ask you to remove your hat and flip flops (me) but not your mask? Seriously, someone could easily sneak a knife in there or something.

If you don't like the United States, go live in another fucking country. I dunno why; but I just felt like typing that. 🇺🇸

#MAGA #UnitedStates

Another Dirty Democratic Busted!
CORRUPTION: Top Democratic Lawmaker Indicted, Charged With Embezzlement

Gonna have to wear a mask on the plane, today. I'll try to drink as much as I can. Drinking = breathing.

Wayback Machine article from 2016
Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review

I have a short video (about a minute and a half) that I want to upload to GabTV, and the video won't upload. LOL. Of course, this is after I made my video about GabTV being one of the good places to upload to because Bitchute is shit. This is just too funny-and pathetic. 🤣

#gabtv #bitchute #atltech

Hitler 2.0: Cuomo Says NY Will Apprehend & Inject Vaccine Holdouts

Remember when Jen Psaki said she didn't care what conservative Twitter says? This basically is conservative Twitter, now. Also, she failed to explain how wearing a mask when vaccinated makes any kind of sense. Can she circle back on that, please?

So Colorado and Oregon rely on mail in ballots to elect people to their positions? That's not cool.

Who would fund research with Communists, to modify a virus in animals, so it would be transmittable & deadly to humans?

A Psychopath W/ superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment & failure to learn from experience, and incapacity for love...