Richard Redhawk
5 days ago

#AmericanJournal LIVE: Dems Move To De-Industrialize US!

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WATCH: Professors Admit They Weave ‘Social Justice’ Into Their Curriculum

"I'm Gonna Stab The F**k Out Of You" Ma'khia Bryant Heard Threatening Neighbor On Tape!

Packing Supreme Court wouldn’t be the ‘reform’ that Missouri Rep. Cleaver sees it as
By Michael Ryan
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#AlexJonesShow LIVE: Mad Maxine Wants Riots & Sleepy Joe Seeks War!

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Brian Stelter Confronted Over Project Veritas Footage of CNN Director Admitting Propaganda

#shutitalloff#unplug May 1st 2021

With the big tech giants and mainstream media going over the top on censorship, banning, de platforming, and de monetizing, it seems to me the most peaceful action we can take is an economic strike against these tyrants, and everything all at once.


Rep. Jim Jordan Confronts Rep Jerry Nadler
on His Reported Plans to Pack Supreme Court – Nadler Pounds Gavel, Refuses to Answer (VIDEO)

Most public schools and universities are promoting Marxism, and teaching hate against white Americans, and Christians overall.

Why are you still dropping your children off at their campuses or logging them into their propaganda portals from home?

BLM Threatens Legal Action Against One Of Their Own Activists After Call For Finances Investigation

Thanks, Trevor Noah! Erasing Women's Achievements One Puberty Blocker at a Time!

Thanks, Trevor Noah! Erasing Women's Achievements One Puberty Blocker at a Time! - YouTube

Trevor Noah thinks men competing against women is awesome, and we think Trevor Noah is an idiot. Expect a THOROUGH debunking of his recent puberty blocker se...