Richard Redhawk
26 days ago

Morgan Freeman Silences Don Lemon by Calling BS on Blaming Racism.

Morgan Freeman Silences Don Lemon by Calling BS on Blaming Racism | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report - YouTube

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Morgan Freeman calling BS on Don Lemon’s blaming wealth inequality on racism. Dave shares a vintage clip of Don Le...

The left is calling for the abolition of the RNC. RINOs notwithstanding I am FULLY against this. On the other hand, the abolition of the DNC... now THAT is something I am fully behind. Make this hashtag go viral. #outlawthednc

We Just Moved Twellit To A Larger Server.
The page load and video uploads are now much faster.

On July 5, the so-called “Week of Dignity” was launched in Georgia, which was planned to begin on Monday with a #gaypride in support of LGBT community. However, it ended in failure, when thousands of supporters of traditional values marched through the capital of Georgia, and made it clear that new neo-liberal values have no place in their country.

A pair of Brooklyn-based far-left attorneys who firebombed the NYPD during last year’s deadly Black Lives Matter riots can still practice law in the State of New York, while former New York City Mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani cannot, with his law license suspended for the crime of questioning the 2020 Presidential Election. ➡ https://national

Live: Tracking Hurricane Elsa | NBC News - YouTube

Watch a live storm tracker of Hurricane Elsa, the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic season, as it makes its way toward Florida over Independence Day weeke...

Hurricane Elsa Update: 11pm 7/2 - YouTube

The latest hurricane Elsa update during the 11pm newscast.

Father shot and killed during home invasion - YouTube

Police said the father was shot while walking through the door

No wonder why FOX went to shit. I'm sure she's a closet liberal.

Hunter Is DIRTY! Tied to Wuhan Lab-Funding ‘Charity’ Through Pandemic-Tracking Firm Investments

Biden Energy Secretary Suggests ‘Climate Change’ Caused Florida Building Collapse

Tim Scott blasts 'ridiculous' statement by Biden official - YouTube

Sen. Tim Scott argues while Republicans have been pushing to refund law enforcement, Democrats have been defunding cops for over a year. #FoxNews #FoxFriends...

Karl Rove: The Democratic Party has a problem - YouTube

Fox News contributor Karl Rove on the impact politics has had on law enforcement and U.S. crime. #FoxNews #americasnewsroomSubscribe to Fox News! https://bit...