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1 day ago

Packing Supreme Court wouldn’t be the ‘reform’ that Missouri Rep. Cleaver sees it as
By Michael Ryan
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#AlexJonesShow LIVE: Mad Maxine Wants Riots & Sleepy Joe Seeks War!

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Brian Stelter Confronted Over Project Veritas Footage of CNN Director Admitting Propaganda

The Socialist Democrats seemed determined to carry on their war mongering to benefit the big banks and the Military Industrial Complex, but if war does break out with Russia, it can obviously escalate into a nuclear exchange and we have a demented fool near the nuclear button.

Let that sink in.

#shutitalloff#unplug May 1st 2021

With the big tech giants and mainstream media going over the top on censorship, banning, de platforming, and de monetizing, it seems to me the most peaceful action we can take is an economic strike against these tyrants, and everything all at once.


Rep. Jim Jordan Confronts Rep Jerry Nadler
on His Reported Plans to Pack Supreme Court – Nadler Pounds Gavel, Refuses to Answer (VIDEO)

Most public schools and universities are promoting Marxism, and teaching hate against white Americans, and Christians overall.

Why are you still dropping your children off at their campuses or logging them into their propaganda portals from home?

Tucker Carlson Responds To Fauci Labelling His Basic Questions ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theory’

How much of the $90000000 that BLM collected been used to help rebuild Black business they burned to the ground?

The Inside Scoop of How the BLM Shakedown Racket Works - YouTube

The #BLM shakedown racket was invented by Jesse Jackson and then developed by Al Sharpton. Here I explain how it works.—Dinesh D'Souza is an author and filmm...

Project Veritas Drops Video of CNN Director Admitting They Use COVID Fearmongering for Ratings.

Why are corporations getting involved in social issues? To increase their ESG credit rating which is now being used when seeking capital.

Hundreds of Corporations, Including Starbucks, Netflix, Sign Letter Opposing Election Integrity Laws

#ExposeCNN: CNN Director Admits Network Practices ‘Art of Manipulation’ to ‘Change The World’ — Part 2

Cruz: Biden ‘Has a Long History of Engaging in Race-Baiting and Inciting Racial Conflict and Divisions’.

🚨 Video: Young Girls Illegally Sex Trafficked In Texas!


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Robert Scott Bell Video - Finally! The Truth About Cholesterol -#rsbellmedia

America Is Lost?
Yes, if we don't turn back to God, pull our children out of the Marxist's portals of public education, and most importantly Universities, stop immigration, etc, the next generation will install their ideology nationwide converting us to another Venezuela.

#AlexJonesShow LIVE! J&J Stops Covid-19 Program After Deaths Mount as California Begins Forced Inoculations of the Disabled:

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Revelation 13:16 ,17 ; "16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

"17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."