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4 days ago

Another Dirty Democratic Busted!
CORRUPTION: Top Democratic Lawmaker Indicted, Charged With Embezzlement

HYPOCRITE: Biden Caught Mingling Maskless With Dozens of People After Forcing All Americans to Wear Masks

Capitol Police Ordered to Arrest People Who Aren’t Wearing Masks, Lawmakers Say Pelosi Directed the Order

WATCH: Cuomo Slanders Unvaccinated Americans ; “Ignorant, Arrogant, Misplaced Sense Of Righteous Indignation”

Not Hyperbole - BIG BROTHER

BREAKING: First Federal Agency Issues COVID ‘Vaccine Mandate’ That Impacts Over 100,000 Workers

Fight Shutdown Two - The Left Needs Mail In-Ballots To Insert The Fraud!

1984 - Revising history
University website scrubs reference to China origin for COVID after bias complaint

A Tidal Wave Is Coming -
Millions of low-skilled workers are flooding into America while Bezos, Zuckerberg & Gate's Silicon Valley is creating AI & Robotics to take up to 50% of the current jobs.
A huge dependent class will form, demanding Basic Universal Income for servitude.

Does it get much more obvious than this?

So men in prison who want to get access to women for sex, simply have to "identify" as a woman, and the state will take care of the rest. They will even provide birth control to prevent pregnancies.

Women Prisoners Given Birth Control as Transgender Men Arrive.

Biden’s ‘Recovery’: Jobless Claims SKYROCKET, Jump 51,000 in Just 1 Week

HERE WE GO: Dangerous Fungus Resistant to All Drugs and First Found in Asia Is Identified in the US for the First Time

Greg Kelly Airs Photos of All of the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Still in Gulag without Trial (VIDEO)

Liberal Media Types Want Trump Supporters To Be ‘Deprogrammed’ (VIDEO)

Cyber Expert “Code Monkey Z” Posts Explosive Background Information on Mike Lindell’s Upcoming Cybersecurity Election Data

Pompeo: Biden Administration Inviting UN Racism Experts ‘Enormous Mistake’

Fmr WH Doc GOP Rep. Jackson: Biden Will Resign or Face 25th Amendment — ‘Nat’l Security Issue’.

More Evidence Leaked from China on the Deliberate Release of COVID-19 by the Chinese Military

President Trump Reacts to ‘Bombshell’ Election Fraud Evidence Uncovered in Fulton County Audit

Watch Jen Psaki *Squirm* as Reporter Tries to Pin Her Down on Why Cubans are Fleeing the Regime

“HAVE YOU NO SHAME?”; Biden Melts Down During Angry Speech On Voting Rights [WATCH].

Biden Implies that Civil War Confederate Soldiers Were Better People Than Trump Supporters on Jan. 6th.

'I Cannot Buy Into It': Ben Carson Criticizes 'Critical Race Theory,' Left-Wing Policies At CPAC.

'I Cannot Buy Into It': Ben Carson Criticizes 'Critical Race Theory,' Left-Wing Policies At CPAC - YouTube

This weekend at CPAC Texas 2021, former HUD Sec. Ben Carson participated in a conversation in which he criticized the Black Lives Matter organization, critic...

'Ignore no soliciting signs. Use your script': COVID door-knockers get marching orders.