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Matt Shea


Pastor, Patriot, Constitutional Attorney, State Rep (Ret), Radio Host Spokane Valley WA #Christian #Maga #PatriotRadio #OnFireMinistries

The Globalists, Communists, and Jihadists are not stupid. They are intentionally with malice in their hearts plotting the destruction of our way of life. Defend the Republic.

"The indulgence of a sort of undefined hope, an obscure confidence, that some lurking remains of virtue, some degree of shame, might exist in the breasts of the oppressors...has been among the causes which have helped to bring on the common ruin...people. There is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief..." Sir Edmund Burke

Patriot Radio is LIVE with David Sumral EXPOSING the TRUTH! Roe v Wade is GONE. What do we do now? View here:

Holding my breath for the arrests of Jane's Revenge (actual domestic terrorism) before they strike. This is Christian persecution. Stand. Ephesians 6.

Inflation and now the path is set to crash the housing market (devaluing of assets) = stagflation. As predicted this is an attempt to implode the American economy. Prepare.

More control mechanisms being put in place. We should be developing our energy independence unless of course Biden is trying to destroy America. As a side note this global warming is freezing.

On Fire Ministries Response to Events in Coeur d'Alene linked below:

So why can't they track and prosecute those behind these 23 incidents (geo-tracking works) especially when there are actual acts of vandalism and firebombing?

"It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf." —Thomas Paine (1776)

The globalists are signaling that crypto-currency's days are numbered. They are deathly afraid of a de-centralized economy where the means of production are owned and controlled privately.

Here is the medical list. A lot of these can be used hiking or camping.

Here is the Comms, AR-15 Spare Parts, and Fuel & Oil list. Again, this is basics, add or subtract as you wish.


Freedom is always paid for in blood, be that for our souls or our country. We honor that sacrifice by staying free.

"Greater love has no one than this, that a person will lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

"If we move in mass, be it ever so circuitously, we shall attain our object; but if we break into squads, everyone pursuing the path he thinks most direct, we become an easy conquest to those who can now barely hold us in check." —Thomas Jefferson (1811)