Joe Mass
18 days ago

Joe Mass


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One question survey. Those who have been paying attention know it is coming soon. What do you think the false flag event will look like?

The thing that these socialist genius' in Washington, (and globalists'), do not understand is that by requiring vaccine passports they are stoking capitalism. For every business that mandates passports there will be dozens of competitors that don't. They can keep the sports/shows.

The original targets of the Democratic Ku Klux Klan were Republicans, both black and white. The Klan terrorized both black and white Americans not to vote for Republican tickets.

THEY are smart. They have studied us for years. They know what we like and what we do not. They know what unites us. God, family, entertainment, sports, ect. It is no mistake that all of those things and so many more are attacked. Rise and shine America, it is time to wake up.

The dude on the left always looks angry, miserable, and unhappy. I wonder why.

Most people think of politicians when they hear the phrase "drain the swamp." The fact is that pols only make up a very small percentage of the entire swamp. And although they make the most noise they are the weakest creatures. Like parasites they require hosts for sustenance.

If 2020 was the most accurate secure election in history shouldn't it be easy to prove it? Shouldn't audits be welcome? Why not put your effort into showing that it was legitimate instead of attempting to invalidate audits? And why change the rules if everything is so perfect?

I wonder if the governments own statistics will be considered misinformation.

The closer you get to the meaning of life the less of it there is.
Joe O.
The so called "fact checkers" are is full swing trying to spin this one. They are coming up with reasons why The President of The United States of America knelt before a foreign leader but none are disputing that he did. He is a sad sack.

Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of border. Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of crime. Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of race relations. Where are the 81 million plus Biden supporters?