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MAGA Pendragon


Disabled Vet! I am Pro- 1st and 2nd! I am Pro Life! I will defend my self! I will Defend Friends and family! Libs can KMA. NO DMs!

November 3rd 2020 was the real insurrection Not Jan 6th 2021! The Left and the Democrats attacked America by Cheating their way in to the white house!

claims he created 6.5 million jobs. He is not lying! Let me Explain! then you will understand!

The suicide rate today is extremely High. Not because of mental disorder but because of the Democrats and Blue states with their mandates and restrictions! Mainly in Kids because they can not be with their friends! All the deaths in the US right now is all on the Democrats hands!

social media blocks & bans 1000s of Medical Experts & Scientists who actually used and have tested meds that the Democrats are blocking. But twitter and Facebook allows CDC and WHO for their misinformation which has been proven by the CDC and WHO as misinformation to still spread the BS!

Tune in for some great music. May be the end of the station come the end of the money. Unless it gets donations! so check out the station :)

The POS in the white house is Pissed off today. Why? because even after his moronic meeting with His party, he still has members who are still against and will vote not on the Filibuster change!.....LMAO

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court blocks Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine-or-test rule for businesses!

after finding out this info why has republicans not open an investigation and charges filed on this SOB

is not focused on the major issues, instead he is ignoring them. Drugs that can help with covid, Inflation, Crime ect ect ect, Instead he is focused on busting up the filibuster so that democrats can pass these stupid bills!

#ShootDownDemocratBills I agree with Mitch. if Democrats and That POS in the white house wanna shut down the Filibuster after they used it over 300 times under Trumps Term in the white house, Then we should shoot down every Democrat Bill that crosses the Senate tables! DO IT!

DeSantis: “We reject the biomedical security state that curtails liberty, ruins livelihoods and divides society. And we will protect the rights of individuals to live their lives free from the yolk of restrictions and mandates.”

Did You Know?
COVID-19 deaths in U.S. surpass 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Why? Because Democrats blocked Meds that would or could have Helped many Americans!

I'm Done Playing Games with these Libtards and Democrats... This is not a threat, Just a Fact:

Joe Biden & the rest of the Democrats are nothing more then a Compulsive, Chronic, Pathological and a Habitual Liar. And people who believe a single word out of your mouth or out of any of the democrats mouths are nothing more then Drain dead

If you are still on twitter, please take this poll there. Thank You

BOOM – ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Driver Brandon Brown Signs Eight-Figure Two-Year Sponsorship Deal With LGB Crypto To Appear In Their Ads.

"Voter ID" is trending on twitter, and the left are still crying over it. 90 to 95% of those of legal age has ID to buy one or the other in the pic, if they can afford a state ID they can afford a voter ID! END OF STORY!

Was there a hearing for this Insurrection? No! None what so ever!