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Disabled Vet! "I am the punishment of God. If you had not committed great Sins, God Would not have sent A Punishment Like me Upon You!

Im going to use Chuckles own words. Come Nov when voting starts. A red wave will be coming! You have screwed this country so bad that even your blue voters will be voting RED! so in chuckles own words!

If your stupid enough to believe the vaccine is safe for your kids from Pfizer Then you better listen to this from the Senate Committee on state affairs hearing!
Pfizer Stopped Testing their COVID Vaccine on Animals Because they Kept Dying.

A Little bit of History for all those who claim republicans, Maga and Real Patriots are ruining their a Democracy....
Cliff Note Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy
Video created by: Myself!
Audio Was: Dan Smoot!

This is a great video. REMEMBER NOVEMBER is right around the corner! Next rest stop is the RED WAVE Taking back the House and the Senate!

When I first Joined Truth Social, I had to verify myself with personal information and a code. I did, I got a verified user check mark in my profile. 2 weeks later they removed the check mark with no info as to why. So I have been back and forth in emails with Truth social, the last email simply made me feel like a No Body from them. Stating unless I am in a public interest group, or A Somebody Big and Popular So I can not be verified... WOW! That's one way of telling someone They are a Nobody! Shameful

I am now a member on Truth Social. If you haven't heard it is now Web based, meaning you can sign up and log on via web browser.. If you do join or already joined, Make sure you follow me on there @MAGA_MAFIA Hope to see you there :)

My Fellow Patriots, I Need Your Help. Every little bit counts. lots to be done and hopefully soon before major storms start coming through, this house has been with us for over 60 years, don't wanna give up on it.... All Info is on the site. Thank You

in my opinion, The reason you don't see many of the head Democrats running their mouths lately is because they are all in meetings trying to figure a way of rigging the midterms to keep their seats. This is because they know they fucked up the country and people are waking up!

Since I'm getting no where with my home insurance company. I might as well try to raise the money. you can read the story on the gofundme page. it will explain alot in so many words. Im not begging but i will put it out there! I know a lot of people hate gofunde me but its the only one i do semi trust right now.

Get the word out! Share, Retweet! We need to pay attention!!!! If we don't, Democrats will steal again!

The Tennessee Senate voted 23-6 to approve a bill allowing iv€rmectin to be sold over the RX needed. Gov Lee signed the bill into law.

“This Ministry Of Truth, it’s not established in law; it’s just some gaggle of people in the Dept of Homeland Security—they can do no more than express their opinions. They can’t write rules, they can’t prosecute people, you an challenge them & say whatever the hell you want..”

so Biden and his administration are talking about Banning menthol cigarettes. But yet legalization marijuana that makes sense! In NY a car jacking happened and the car jacker was sent free. in WI a 14 year old is being charged as an adult for raping and killing a 10 yr old girl.

check this shit out. covid relief money is being used in Blue states to force CRT to your children in schools!

Mark Ruffalo Says the war in Ukraine is a gift to Biden for the new green deal.... WTF is wrong with these morons in Hollywood!!! This dumbass uses more energy then any normal person. What the hell do you think the green new deal has done? Inflation breaking records every month, Higher gas Prices at the pump... You play a smart guy in The Avengers Movie as banner aka the hulk yet your comment is the dumbest thing i have ever heard come out of your mouth... Go back in to your fantasy before you hurt yourself idiot!

Washington State passes Law stating you can not call pot Marijuana anymore, claims it is racist...... WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE BLUE STATES?????????