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A 'message' to my 24 old daughter (1996) who don't trust me anymore... [18.06.2021]

Newsmax: Trump on McConnell, Biden and Fauci, what he'd do in a possible 2nd term [26.05.2021]
Note: Another planned Psyop ? I hope not... But i strongly suspects that Trump is also a Satanist, just as SMHP and KJ Ozborne says and documents...

WORLD WIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM - Denmark Part 2 (On English) [15.05.2021]


Men In Black, Denmark

Q are Probally also a #Psyop .
I wanna see it before I believe it.
"Your Silent gives consents." - Plato
"Silence implies/means consent."
"He who is silent appears to consent."

M.I.B. Demo Copenhagen Denmark [10.04.2021]

Hvad er 'reglerne' og 'gode råd og 'anbefalinger' mht når folk 'forsamles?
Bliver dette overholdt?

06.04.2021 by #NaturalNews
Nazi-style death camps are coming to every Democrat-controlled city in America, and nations like Australia, New Zealand and Canada are well along in their own death camp operations.
Note: They are and have buid death camps in Denmark to, Documented.

04.04.2021 Remember the History#Satanism
Shaking My Head Productions: Secret-Societies-Truth

30.03.2021 #Satanism
The Deep State War Part 6 - trailer - #Pedogate - a film by Mr Truthbomb

28.03.2021 VIDEO (26:47 min)
Men In Black, Denmark DEMO Copenhagen [27.03.2021]
My angle.