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Here is Nancy Pelosi's address in CA Representative Nancy Pelosi
90 7th St Ste 2800, San Francisco, CA 94… · (415) 556-4862

Yet another perspective on the situation in Ukraine, for example a local person, who, unlike the fear propaganda of the mainstream media, honestly shares what he is experiencing.
The person is in Kiev when he tells this.

Stop honking horns IMMEDIATELY - YouTube

As of one hour ago, anyone honking their horns in the downtown core will be subject to immediate arrest.

Canadian Truckers Will Get This Done with or without Internet!!!

Good morning all this am Brandon took to the capital building to make a speech regarding the events of Jan 6th in his remarks he lied he stated not even during the civil war were events that bad that was a lie as a matter of fact the capital building has been under siege several times twice burnt to the ground the first time August 24, 1814
At the height of the War of 1812 between the United States and England, British troops stormed the White House. Soldiers reportedly sat down to eat a meal made of leftover food before ransacking the presidential mansion and setting it ablaze. Fortunately, President James Madison and his wife Dolley had already fled to safety in Maryland. The first lady famously rescued a life-sized portrait of George Washington from going up in f

Another repost, in case you've missed it

Marine Corps Breaks from Woke MOB in NEW Video (Marine Reacts) - YouTube

Marine Corps goes back to what works in New Recruiting Video More military marketing - ...

The foot ball player or should i say the most recent football player to b caught on cam beating his wife is an ANIMAL AND SHOIULD B IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE IN A CELL WITH A 400 LB BLACK DUDE WHO WILL BEAT HIM DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!! More reason to NOT WATCH the NFL complete boycott !!!!!!!!!!!! he makes players like Tom Brady look bad

Christmas Eve One-Upper - YouTube

Best gift of all time: go.#powerllamaYou too can have a Power Llama... find one here:

Moonshine Bandits - Pass Me The Ammo - YouTube

Visit the Moonshine Bandits Non-Profit Organization that shiops supplies to our US Soldiers Overseas at: song is from ...

Exclusive #ArizonaAudit Update: Senator Wendy Rogers Says She's Seen Enough To Decertify Elections

Biden's America is an 'incompetently run dystopia' - Dr Dom Green of The Spectator US - YouTube

'When the Chinese move into Afghanistan - which they will - they're not going to be carrying all these ideas about democratisation and liberal principles.'Dr...