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Report: New WHO COVID Origin Investigation Team Includes ANOTHER Peter Daszak Minion

“Expert” Calls For Denying Life-Saving Hospital Treatment to the Unvaccinated

NBA Player Takes #CovidVaccine : Can Never Play Basketball Again

Axios Reporter Asks Questions So Stupid, Interviewee Left Speechless

Jen Psaki Dangerously Claims Federal Mandates Override State Law

Vaccine Protesters In Italy Chant "F#%* Joe Biden"

📺 WAR ROOM HIGHLIGHTS - Left Continues To Ignore The Warning Signs Of Tyranny

Bitter Liberals Triggered By Positive Sign Reading, “Your Vaccination Status Won’t Change How Much I Love You”

Watch: After Boss Mandated Vaccines, Construction Workers Walked Off Job – They Were Immediately Called Back

Rogan Asks CNN Doc Sanjay Gupta: “Does It Bother You Your Network Outright Lied About Me Taking Horse Dewormer?”

Watch: #Biden Brags Admin Ready To Inject All Children Ages 5-11 With Experimental Covid Jab


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Watch: Smugglers Haul Kids Over Border Fences in Multiple Sectors

Armed Afghan Threatens to Kill Workers at Asylum Center in France

Youtube Now Covering For Sexual Assault In Loudoun County School

Chimera GMO Salmon Now Available In Canada

A report by the Odessa Accountability Project claims that a 17-year-old COVID patient suffering from breathing difficulties entered a hospital in Texas, only for staff to place a plastic bag over her head after she removed her face mask.

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🤐 YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder After #AlexJones Episode Discussing Transgender Rape In Prison

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