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Sherrie Reeves


Army Wife,You worried 'bout leaving a better planet for our kids How 'bout leaving better kids for our planet Tom MacDonald fan

A tender is now underway in the UK so that a massive amount of bodies can be "disposed of".... What are they planning to do with that 3rd jab?
The disposal of large numbers of bodies. If the Brits are expecting mass deaths then that means there is something in the works that the Government has know

Scientist Recovers DELETED Genetic Data Proving COVID Virus Was Likely Circulating In Wuhan BEFORE Wet Market Cases

Massive Rally In New York City To Free Political Prisoners Form Corrupt Democrat Clutches

Dangerous "Social Justice" Marxist Is Over Our Military!
Head of the Joint Chiefs Repeats CRT Propaganda Trashing the Constitution

Fossil fuel industry mocks 'virtue-signalling' North Face - YouTube

Sky News host Rita Panahi says clothing brand North Face has been mocked by the fossil fuel industry for its “corporate virtue signalling” in a searing onlin...

SHOCKING: Fifth grade students recite critical race theory sponsored by Pizza Hut.

Another Terrible Decision

US authorities move to double tariffs on Canadian lumber despite a meteoric rise in prices and demand

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