Finish The Race
25 days ago

Finish The Race


Encouraging Christians To Finish Their Race!

Whoopi Goldberg Lies About Clarence Thomas Even After Her Fellow Liberals Told her She Was Wrong

Joe Lied – Hunter’s Laptop Reveals They Often Met After Foreign Business Meetings.

Anyone who disagrees with Dr. King's statement is the problem, not those of us who are living out the principle of treating others based solely on their actions, not on their immutable characteristics.

No More Mules – Wisconsin Supreme Court Ends Election Drops Boxes.

HUGE WARNING SIGNS – Police Seized Knives, Sword from July 4th Shooter 3 Years Ago.

Biden’s Corrupt DOJ Sues Arizona For Stopping Illegals From Voting.

New Poll, Half Of Voters Agree With The SCOTUS Overturning Roe.

Indisputable -@JoeBiden's Open Border Policies Have Increased:
1. Human trafficking
2. Drug trafficking
3. Number of criminal aliens
4. Gang activity, thefts, rapes, murders, etc
5. Number of dependents on government services
6. Terrorist sympathizers
And much, much more!

Biden Signs, RINO Supported, Unconstitutional Gun Bill

How To Protect Your Retirement Savings

GoldCo - How To Protect Your Retirement Savings With Precious Metals. - YouTube

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America Is Wide Open, India Is Pouring In.
2:45 Am from Yuma and large groups of migrants are awaiting to be apprehended by border patrol. Many single males from India are crossing tonight

No One Likes Kamala!
DNC Reschedules Fundraiser W/ Kamala Harris, Lack Of Sales.

'The Incoherence of LGBTQI+'

Douglas Murray | 'The Incoherence of LGBTQI+' #CLIP - YouTube

Renowned author and social critic Douglas Murray argues that our modern fixation on group-identity politics 'strips the individualism out of individuals'. Mu...

FIVE Reasons People Hate Pride Month

FIVE Reasons People Hate Pride Month - YouTube

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Climate Change IS disinformation from the government, promoted via misinformation. The fake news is distributed by ignorant Kool-Aid drinkers and freaked-out snowflakes.

Why isn't Chief Justice Roberts expediting the Dobbs ruling, expected to overturn Roe?
While he delays, Schumer, Biden, an Arrested Murder Suspect, and Other Anarchists Are Targeting Justice Kavanaugh, many outside his home.

Man With Gun Arrested Near Justice Kavanaugh’s Home, Wanted To Kill Him.

Gasoline Has More Than Doubled Under Biden!

Biden regularly speaks and consults with Obama, White House says
Obama in Dec. 2020 said that he'd be open to a third term, but only if a proxy was put in place.
Following Biden's inauguration, Obama has been speaking to Biden on a regular basis. Psaki said they will through his Presidency

Michael Sussmann found Not Guilty of charges brought by Special Prosecutor John Durham

Biden The Whisperer. Friday Lied And Whispered During Naval Academy Graduation Speech.

Oh No, Nanacy Pelosi, your husband was busted!
Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Pelosi Arrested for DUI in Napa Valley.

Wow, Can You Say, In Denial?
The Parents Of The Uvalde Shooter Insists The Public Should Not Judge Their Son!