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Never Forget: Rush Limbaugh‘s Last ‘True Story of Thanksgiving‘ via@BreitbartNews The

Great Day For America!

Five Senate Democrats Sink Biden's Communist Nominee For Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova

As Crime Skyrockets, Biden Pushes ‘Gender Equity’ Plan Calling For Eliminating Cash Bail

Another Massive Biden Lie – Democrats BBB Spending Bill Actually Costs Nearly Five Trillion Dollars, Not $2.4 Trillion.

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Opens Herself Up For Defamation Lawsuit After Calling Rittenhouse “Murderer”

9 Most Fascinating Things Rittenhouse Said in His Tucker Interview — Including a Warning to Biden

THANKS BIDEN! Vaccine Mandates Force Long Beach, NY’s Only Emergency Room To Shut Down After Dozens Of Nurses Get Fired.

Trump Responds After Biden Announces Release Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Oops Basement@JoeBiden
Biden screws up the U.S. energy supply so has to go into our emergency supply trying to bail us out!

Joe Biden Releases 50 Million Barrels of Oil from National Strategic Petroleum Reserve as Gas Prices Keep Rising

What Happened In Waukesha, WI? My Conversation With Jeremy Hanson About Divided USA


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Very Sad

Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre: Five Deceased Victims Identified – Including Four Elderly Members of Milwaukee’s ‘Dancing Grannies’

Police released the names of those killed.

Virginia Sorenson, 79, LeAnna Owen, 71, Tamara Durand, 52, and Wilhelm Hospel, 81

Waukesha Parade Attack Now Believed to Be ‘Intentional,’ Suspect Charged by Police with 5 Counts of Homicide

Evil doesn't have a color - It's manifested in those turned over to sin!

Darrel Brooks killing innocent people last night was EVIL personified.

Darrell E. Brooks currently has two open criminal cases against him.

The Explosive Reason Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About Suspects in Waukesha Parade Attack That Injured Over 11 Children

Educated Ignoramuses'
Stanford And U Cal Professors Declare That Conservatives Who Vote For Black Candidates Are STILL RACIST
“Supporting a Black candidate hardly precludes voters from harboring racist beliefs and motivations.”

Only Jesus Is - The Way, The Truth the Life!
Seek Christ, Find Real Joy In Him!
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“No More Private Bank Deposits” – Biden’s Radical Currency Nominee Wants All Bank Accounts To Be Controlled By The Fed

COVID CHAOS, Trials On Babies Started - Biden Admin Vows To End U.S. Coal Production By 2030.

Joe Biden - Keeps on losing!
Federal Appeals Court Reaffirms Stay on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The Great Reset

COP26 Crazies! Climate Activists Call for ‘End of Capitalism,’ ‘Black Liberation,’ Abolition of Police.