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New Poll, Half Of Voters Agree With The SCOTUS Overturning Roe.

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American Flags Plastered Throughout Campus After Anti-Flag Teacher Booted

I hope mostly everyone is awake now and if you are not...get out of the way because real Americans are taking this country back. WE THE PEOPLE can never ever do this again...we can NEVER turn a blind eye for decades and let them take our home, our freedom, our children our dignity EVER AGAIN. We must VET every person running for a seat in our Government NO MATTER what seat it is...WE can NEVER let

We Just Moved Twellit To A Larger Server.
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In response Contenders Edge to his Publication

Like I said, no matter your color. I can only speak for myself.

In response Contenders Edge to his Publication

Wait, are we playing this game again!? No fraud, could be fraud, might be fraud, not enough fraud... We're not stupid.