10 days ago

Biden Used Private Gmail Account to Send Government Information to Hunter https://libertyonenews.com/biden-used-private-gmail-account-to-send-government-information-to-hunter/

It is way past time for "mankind" to restore our God-given right to bear arms and to protect ourselves. The Demorats have practically destroyed the police departments nationwide. Citizens should be able to carry guns anywhere, since police can no longer protect us. Meanwhile, the idiot politicians that cause this crisis have their own security teams, armed with guns, to protect them.

Here's a prime example of the much talked about "white privilege".

Twitter wouldn't let me post this saying that it was "spam". No, its not. Its educational, but since it goes against the prevailing opinion, it is banned from Twitter.

America was stolen from its indigenous white peoples.


Diversity divides us.
Diversity kills us
Diversity is our weakness.

Unity is our strength and made this country great.