Bob Parker
6 months ago

We have been away since November 9th. we had to sell our place in Alabama. Some asked my why, I told them it was age related. Actually we are getting too old to travel back and forth from Florida to our vacation place. Our Granddaughter and her husband bought it, so no realtors or commission involved, and the attorney that closed for us is a personal friend, we had it completed in 2 days. And, yes it's good to be back home again! Never will I travel anywhere again, unless it's at gunpoint....

If you don't want your child separated, then don't bring them across the border illegally. It's not our fault that somebody does that. Jeff Sessions AG

Joe Biden wants to reward Criminal illegals that came into this country and had their children separated from them. He wants to give them more money than most Americans will make in their lifetime. Utter BS and this lunatic needs to be impeached immediately. His BS is gone far enough. Look at the grocery stores and gas pumps and ask yourself, are we better of this November compared to last year?

Kaepernick compares treatment of players at NFL combine to slavery. Anyone that pays any attention to this privileged mixed man raised by white parents, is as crazy as he is. The teams at the Combines want quality Football players, not cotton pickers! How many white men were traded as slaves? These NFL teams pay good money to these players and not all meet their expectations. Like Colin Kaepernick This is how this man attends one of the most important meeting with world leaders...Literally "Sleepy Joe!"

Biden's climate plan aims to reduce methane emissions starting with Joe's Extra strength depends. I have no idea if this is fact, but to suggest that the US pay these illegal criminals money for coming here illegally is insane. I can believe it if the Biden Administration wants to pay illegals repatriations. African Americans will raise hell...

People have questioned the Vatican's cancellation of live Television coverage of the President's visit with the Pope. Here is why.

Joe Biden visiting Pope Francis: “you are a famous African American baseball player in America” - YouTube

Question for adults? If you put your hands on a weapon, do you point and aim without knowing there is LIVE ammunition in it.. Always, and I say again, always assume that weapon is loaded until you personally check to see that it is a safe weapon.This woman's husband needs to sue the crap out of Mr. Baldwin's El Dorado Pictures and Cavalry Media.

Lt.Col Stu Scheller is fighting for his future during his court martial. The Prosecutor Lt. Col. Major Troy H. Campbell wouldn't make a pimple on Stu's arse Why is the story of Marine Lt.Col. Stu Scheller so popular? He had the guts to say what is wrong with Senior Military leadership all the way to the President. Leaders that looked like a version Keystone Cops type withdrawal from Afghanistan

Just yesterday on another social media site, I had someone refer to me as a pin cushion for taking the vaccine. I served in the Military for over 21 years, our shot records were updated frequently. Me and my siblings received all the needed vaccines in the 50's.Before we deployed to Vietnam, we received many vaccines, one was the dreaded Gamma-globulin injection to prevent hepatitis A. Still alive

If anyone that believes Biden's approval rating is 47% do the math, there is no way in hell this man has 47%. If you think he's doing a good job then you are about as smart as Joe. Look at this country and it's Border. Cargo ships that can't unload.. I surprised Joe hasn't blamed Trump for this mess. Look at the Afghan FUBAR and tell me he can lead. My fellow Americans we're doomed!

Have you ever wondered why Joe Biden got 81,268,924 votes? More than 11,752,129 that Obama received in of his 2012 election. Clinton vs Trump a total of 127, 894,424 votes Trump vs Biden total 155,485,078. As the Chinese would say Sum Ting Wong!

Whoever Rob Franz is, you're a lowlife Liberal from Florida. You didn't like my post about Nikki Haley... Retired Air Commando my ass, probably a cook in the chow hall or what ever the Army calls it!

Nikki Haley, in a shift, says 2024 candidacy not dependent on whether Trump runs. Nikki Haley needs to save her money, she would be the last backstabbing Republican I or my Republican family and friends would vote for.

'We've Got Your Back': GOP Lawmakers Thank Border Patrol Agents In New Video - YouTube

In a video released on social media, Republican members of the Homeland Security Committee expressed their support and thanks for members of the border patro...

Mark Suckerberg finally speaks out about data scientist Frances Haugen the Whistle blower.. We know why Facebook went dark the day after she was on 60 minutes. Markey had to clean house!

Finally, now they need to let him resign as he planned to and go on with his life. But the DOD won't let it go. Our Congress needs to bombard the DOD with questions as to why this Marine is being Court Martialed for for speaking the truth. And you have a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,General Milley that has violated the Chain of Command, and that is a violation of the UCMJ. articles 91, 92

Looks like somebody put Mark SUCKERberg in a timeout! Facebook down!😁😁😁

North Korea threatens top UN body after emergency meeting. This moron in N. Korea is begging for a war, why? Because China controls him. They, and their Russian allies want an excuse to start WWIII! This one won't be pretty for the World..

Anti-DeSantis Hit Piece Is The Most Cringe Video You’ll See Today WOW, the administration is trying to ruin his life with a Court Martial. Now compare this guy to Hunter... There is no comparison, Hunter is a disgrace, this HERO spoke the truth and is paying for it! Another FUBAR by Biden!When will these Morons in DC start impeachment proceedings to oust this mental deficient man. Then comes the Joker, it wouldn't take much to impeach her worthless arse.