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God Fearing Conservative Who Stands For Life, Liberty & American Way. #Constitution / #PresidentTrump 🇺🇸 / #Civil Rights / Proudboys /#2A

Yeah - YouTube

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SOLVED: Missing 9-Months Underwater (RICHARD RITZ FOUND) - YouTube

We found Richard Ritz (Missing Person) underwater in his Toyota 4-Runner who had been missing 9-months earlier in September 2020. One of the clues we had to ...

Woman's security camera catches men illegally picking palmetto berries on her property - YouTube

Woman's security camera catches men illegally picking palmetto berries on her property

Utah County Woman Leads Effort To Get Water To Homeless Camps - YouTube

Homeless encampments have filled the streets of Salt Lake City this summer as temperatures rage. During a week of triple digit heat, one Utah County woman wa...

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 31st, 2021 - YouTube

More restrictions to come with delta variant surge, first dose vaccination rates rising, and eviction moratorium ending.Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester H...

Members Of Congress Protest As Federal Eviction Ban Is Set To Expire - YouTube

Millions of people behind on rent because of the pandemic may soon be evicted as a federal ban expires, and members of Congress are demanding action that lik...

Wall of water rips through house in Gila County - YouTube

A homeowner in Gila County saw the storm rip apart her house on Friday and she caught some of it on video.

#BREAKING Twitter Suspends 2020 Maricopa County Election Audit Accounts | Facts Matter - YouTube

🚨 ANNOUNCEMENT: No censorship! We’ve launched a new video platform called EPOCH TV 👉🔥 Epoch TV:🔵 T...

DARPA Comb Technologies Yield Breakthroughs in Defense and Civilian Sectors

MUST WATCH: Gaetz and Greene call DC Department of Corrections - YouTube

Congresspeople Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene call DC Department of Corrections to inquire about a letter they received, stating they obstructed its p...

Bryan Steil Grills Detroit Election Clerk About Funding From Non-Profit Funded By Mark Zuckerberg - YouTube

Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI) questions witnesses about federal control of elections during a House Administration Committee hearing on election subversion.Stay Co...
52% Not Vaccinated In Maricopa County 👊🇺🇸

Grassroots effort gearing up in Phoenix to improve vaccination numbers among Latino community - YouTube

A Phoenix beauty salon transformed into a COVID-19 vaccination distribution site, in an effort to increase immunization numbers among the Latino community.Fo...

"Trump Blasted Milley, Esper for Resisting Military for Floyd Protests: Book"