Bruce Dullea
8 days ago

Bruce Dullea


I am a Trump supporter!! I am an amputee since 2004 & i want the real truth from the news media, NOT FAKE NEWS, & I SUPPORT TRUMP 100%

#He also warned us about biden because in the 48yrs biden has been in office, he did nothing back then & he is making things worse today!! 🤷🤷. Remember that campaign biden said, IF I'M ELECTED, I WILL RAISE YOUR TAXES, ETC, ETC. WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, HE'S DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD IF HE WAS ELECTED!! WAKE UP PEOPLE, BECAUSE IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!!!

# I already knew Biden cheated. He said he didn't need anyone's votes to win. He said they put together the greatest fraud team in the history of man. My question is, when do we arrest him, try and convict him, and insert the true winner of the presidential election and others that were denied their wins? 🤔

# So the US government wants to give 42billion to Ukraine, after the 5million, then 11billion already given. Only Rand Paul stands as the dissenting vote.

Praying today that all the mom's have a wonderful and blessed day. You were chosen by God to be the vessel that He uses to either birth or raise His children in the earth. What an awesome privilege that is to be handpicked by God and to be entrusted with His precious gifts. I pray that today proves to be a good day for you and I pray that God's peace, power, and blessings continue to flow to and through your life in Jesus name. Enjoy your day knowing that you are chosen by God! Happy Mothers Day! Amen!

#elon Musk has bought Twitter for $44billon!! He will make it to where Twitter will be back to free speech ways & is expected to lay off board members, employees, etc. Twitter is back baby!! This is a great day!! If your one of the left people that was on Twitter & still are, then you better expect for your account to be blocked & closed by the new CEO MUSK. He will not tolerate the left to create any more problems on Twitter!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

#With the corrupted DemonRatts
They will find a way to cheat again in November.
Very strong Lady, & she doesn’t beat around the bush.

I want to wish all my friends & family a happy & healthy Passover!!

Joe Biden and his administration including Obama has not done one positive thing for the American people since he's been in office. All Joe Biden has done is give our tax dollars to help other countries. And to hurt every American in the United States. That is all Joe Biden has accomplished. Ever wonder if it's being done on purpose? What if this is all being done by design to destroy America. Trump stood for America and the American people and the American way of life.

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