AlternateHistory Guy
23 hours ago

So, I had the cops called on me because someone at work felt threatened about a book I was writing.

It was a fantasy-themed parody series (based on Harry Turtledove's "War Between the Provinces" and "Darkness" series) about a theme park.

Imagine passing off video game footage as "real" war footage to advance your agenda...

I'm really hoping that James Corbin wanting to take over as White House Press Secretary is nothing but fake news.

Well, the new book on the Sandy Hook shooting is trash. It only has a couple or so chapters on the actual shooting while the rest is dedicated to trashing "conspiracy theorists," "misinformation," Donald Trump, and Alex Jones.

At this point, they could replace Jen Psaki with Elmo and I wouldn't be surprised.

I swear, if I see that "Would you rather share your salary or do a dare?" ad again...

One good thing I've liked about my new job so far is that I also have time to write and read during the downtime that I have.

The only thing I'm disappointed by the SuperBowl is that it never became a HonkerBowl.

Ah, January 6, the day of In Erection, as Chuck Schumer would say.

Nothing like a little time with family, pizza, and the Twilight Zone marathon to celebrate the New Year.

Ah yes, nothing screams "WWII book" like having WWI soldiers at the bottom...

2. now hear them talking behind my back about me being unvaxxed and untested. My own fucking family!

At this point, I welcome the Third World War or a Second American Revilution. Let's get this over with and bring about the end of the world already.

So my folks still believe in the bullshit COVID scam. They think they got it from me when I was obviously just sick with a cold a couple of weeks ago, and that included me wanting to go to sleep earlier (which kind of helped with my insomnia), sneezing, runny nose, and coughing. They SERIOUSLY believe that they have COVID and that they can't go anywhere because of it! Not only that, but I can just

If any of you are on Gab, I have a "Real News" article every now and again under the name "Trusty News Sources." Check it out and stay informed about what isn't real over there.

Today justice has finally prevailed with Kyle Rittenhouse being pronounced "Not Guilty!"

"The Store" by Bentley Little, has to be one of the best horror novels I have read all year. Its filled with less political commentary or "jokes" than any of Stephen King's novels (although I would kind of compare this book to a mixture of "Salem's Lot" and "Needful Things") and has a matter of being over-the-top without going overboard when it comes to the cult surrounding a certain Newman King (

Writing a story from a certain characters' point of view just makes me laugh at how stupid they sound and act. Just another small teaser from my currently-in-the-works "history."

Great to be back home again after going to the Bridge Fesitval up at Bridgeton and Mansfield.

First post on here with an idea for my next writing project. A "history" if you will, but that is all I will say about it for now. Don't want to spoil it.